Experience with the use of Bentolit

As used beverage Bentolit Julia from Kiev

Clay Bentolit

Hi! I share his views on the clay. It's real food, clay, free from impurities and harmful ingredients. In volcanic clay Bentolit many benefits and of course it's clay, not the one that is sold in pharmacies, respectively, the composition and effect, and the price varies significantly.

Her hair glistened, the skin become look younger, appeared a feeling of lightness. The effect of clay evident at 100%. In the instructions in detail as you enjoy a drink and his drink and app. I highly recommend to try.

Experience with the use of a beverage for weight loss with clay from Olga from Minsk

Hi all. I want to tell you about clay for weight loss Bentolit. A long time looking for clay, suitable for use in. Struggling with the fact that such a clay in the sale is not. And in pharmacies and in health food stores retailers have made the eyes round, supposedly this will not happen in principle.

The result of weight loss from clay Bentolit

The clay for the reception inside - it is a gift from the heavens. Found it by accident on the official website. It was very clean, without a third odor (it is present in the pharmacy clays). Its actually possible to drink. For consumption inside I breed 2 teaspoons of clay in a glass of water, leave 10 minutes, mix and drink.

Instant drink for weight loss with bentonite clay, is a little more expensive than normal pharmacy of clay, but it's worth it!

Separately, I note the clay I saw, because it was the taste (those who you salivating from the word mel will understand me). But I wanted it out of clay and I saw it with great pleasure. In general, it has the property to clean up the intestines and excrete toxins from the body.

Pleasant to use!