Motivation to help you lose weight

Motivation to lose weight isn't just a picture of a super skinny model on the fridge. A good attitude to lose weight is everyone's business, and it is not an easy task. Often in books they offer something that is not very suitable for a particular person, which is why most of us cannot "abstain" from a diet, get used to aconstant physical activity. However, psychologists have long studied general patterns of motivation, and today we will try to apply this knowledge to weight loss.

motivation emotional stress

see a dietitian to lose weight

This motivation is described in the work of the doctor of nutrition and his followers. It will suit girls who are obsessed with their appearance, fashion and all those who have given up on themselves and life.

According to her, you have to convince yourself to lose weight for your own health. This motivational technique is quite effective in losing weight. It helps to highlight the main thing you are fighting excess weight for and shift your focus from unhealthy to normal ways of losing weight that are recommended by doctors. Step-by-step instructions for motivation:

  1. Get tested, ask your doctor to explain in detail the health risks that excess weight entails.
  2. Think about what you can and cannot do if the weight increases and your health deteriorates. Believe me: following short-term diets without switching to a healthy and rational diet guarantees weight gain.
  3. Understand: you need to lose weight to be healthy, to stay active and strong for as long as possible.
  4. Choose a weight loss plan recommended by a certified dietitian and follow it.
  5. Don't "flaunt" your early results. Follow the improvement of well-being, continue to lose weight according to your own plan, until the result is achieved.

Rational motivation for effective weight loss

girl keeps a weight loss diary

This technique belongs to cognitive therapist D. Beck, it is suitable for those who like to control everything, plan, write lists, set goals.

  1. Make a list of things you could do after losing weight, but you can't do yet. Write anything you want here, from big things like having a baby to little quirks like buying a lace miniskirt.
  2. Write down the most important points from this list on a card that you always carry with you and read from time to time.
  3. Before each meal, consider re-reading your motivation card.
  4. Set a specific goal, but don't tie it to weight. For example, this one: "I'm going to stop adding sugar to drinks, I'll eat cake for lunch, I'll take healthy snacks with me to work, and I'll do all of this before the end of October. "The goal can also be to follow a diet.
  5. Write down separate activities for your goal to achieve it, these will be tasks. So, for example, if your goal is to drink unsweetened coffee instead of sweetened, the task on Monday would be to put 1 scoop less, Tuesday - 2, Wednesday - replace the rest of the sugar with stevia extract tablets, and the Like.
  6. Try not to overwork yourself and your body, don't set multiple goals at once. For weight loss, it is optimal - 2 or 3 goals for 1 month, so you can resume or acquire healthy habits.
  7. Goals, tasks, specific activities are noted in a special notebook. Draw the sheet in half, fill in the columns, labeling them "plan" and "done".

Visualization for weight loss

A visualization is a visual representation of something. The visualization of desires is a mental representation of what is desired. Visualizing your body the way you want it forces your subconscious mind to align your body with the mental image you have created as much as possible.

This technique is taken from the systems of positive psychology A. Sviyash and L. Hay. Suitable for visuals, creatives who may be inspired by beauty, not health.

photo of a slim girl as motivation to lose weight

How to lose weight with this motivation:

  1. To the smallest detail, think about how happy and interesting you will live after losing weight.
  2. Sit down at the table and write a motivational 1st person story about what you will do after you lose weight.
  3. You can make a whole collage of photos from magazines, make a photo report about your future life.
  4. Looking in the mirror, convince yourself that you deserve a wonderful, vibrant life.
  5. Start doing everything as if you had already lost weight. If you dream of going on a trip - go now, if you want to update your wardrobe - buy a few stylish things.
  6. Reread your thin life story in the morning and evening, accompanying it with dreams.
  7. Visualize yourself thinner or use a collage of yourself thin for this purpose.
  8. "Scroll" the visualization as soon as you start to get lazy in the morning to exercise or feel cravings for junk food.
  9. Choose the weight loss method that would be most natural for you.

Here we have analyzed the most popular motivations for losing weight, they are:

  • emotionally stressful;
  • rational;
  • visualization.

The choice, as always, is yours.